Lip waxing is a method of hair removal that has the benefit of having to stay for a longer duration before the hair grows back. A person who honors all the appointments given by his aesthetician will have the benefit of getting rid of unwanted lip hair permanently and even when the hair grows back, it will be too light to have anyone notice it.

There are some side effects that could occur due to lip wax some of which could be very severe. The good news is that there are ways one will be able to prevent some of the side effects from happening, some of which are listed below:

  • Check the temperature of the hot wax before having it applied on your lips. This will help to avoid the burns that occur as a result of using very hot wax. You can test the temperature of the hot wax by putting a small amount on the back of your hand.
  • After the lip waxing, avoid too much exposure to the sun’s rays to avoid suffering from sunburns. If you must go out in the sun, ensure that you apply a sunscreen and wear a large hat that will prevent your lips from coming into direct contact with the sun’s rays.
  • Before the aesthetician carries out the lip waxing, ensure that you inform him of any medication that you could be using. Some medications such as Accutane, Differin, and Retin A are some of the medications that cannot be used during the time that the lip waxing is being carried out. The reason for this is that skin will most likely tear as a result of the pulling during the waxing.
  • To reduce the reddening and the irritation of the skin, you can apply a cold compress or a soothing lotion on the lips. This will reduce the irritation and help in getting rid of the redness on the lips.
  • If your lip skin was irritated, had sunburns or was injured before the lip waxing, the process should be postponed until the skin is fully recovered. This is because having the process done in this state will lead to more severe side effects that will surpass the benefits of the lip waxing.

It is advisable to get the lip waxing carried out by a person who is well trained and one who will use the right quality of wax. Do not go to a spa that charges the lowest price for the lip waxing as the likelihood of suffering from the side effects is very high. A professional will charge more for the waxing but you will be safe and the process will be carried out in a hygienic condition. Most of the professional spas have an insurance cover that will facilitate compensation in case anything goes wrong in the process. This means that the medical needs, as well as the productivity that will be lost from the side effects, will be compensated. The more professional an aesthetician is, the less the side effects that one is likely to suffer.


Laser Hair Removal after Giving Birth

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, some people will experience intense growth of hair in places where the hair had been removed via laser hair removal method.

After the baby is delivered, some people will have the hair that had grown as a result of the hormonal changes falling off while others will need to go through another laser treatment to get rid of the unwanted hair.

A woman who wishes to go through a laser hair removal treatment should wait until she gets her monthly period as this will be proof that the hormones have gone back to normal. Others would want to wait until they are done with breastfeeding before getting a laser hair removal treatment.

Once the pregnancy and the breastfeeding hormones cease to be active in a woman’s body, the hormones will be as they were and she will have her smooth and hairless body back.

The safety of laser hair removal on the infant who will be breastfed after a laser hair removal has not been established. It would be advisable to wait until the baby has stopped breastfeeding and you can get on with the laser hair removal.

There is also a possibility of the hormonal changes as a result of breastfeeding affecting the results of the laser hair removal treatment. It may lead to a higher intensity of hyperpigmentation which will make you look not-so-good. The process may also not produce great results due to hormonal changes.

Instead of having a process that may not turn out as good as you anticipated, you can ask your aesthetician for alternative ways you can be used to have the hair removed. Such methods include waxing whose outcome will not be altered by hormonal changes.

The numbing creams that will be used during a laser treatment are absorbed into the bloodstream and they may end up reaching the baby through breastfeeding. Though the amount of the numbing cream used is small, with time the concentration may rise to the level where it will not be safe for the baby.

The baby may also develop allergic reactions as a result of the numbing cream ingested through breastfeeding. To avoid this, you should exercise some patience and wait until the baby is old enough to stop depending on breast milk as only then can you be assured that your baby is safe.

When laser hair removal is done immediately after birth, it may lead to cramps if it is carried out on the lower abdomen or the thighs.

The treatment while breastfeeding may also lead to changes in the production of melanin which will make the laser treatment very painful.

A professional aesthetician will not agree to carry on with a laser hair removal treatment on you if you are breastfeeding. If they take the risk and hyperpigmentation occurs in its severity, a lawsuit would follow and this will ruin the reputation of the spa. If you find out that an aesthetician is quick to agree to have the process done, she does not know the risks involved and you should not trust such a person.

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