How to Accommodate a Postnatal Massage

When a baby is born, the mother finds herself so tied up and at times forgets that she also needs time for herself. All her energy is directed to the person who matters to her at this time who is the child and this neglect on her personal life may take a toll on her.

A massage after delivery is one of the ways that would make a woman who has recently given birth recover her beauty and self-worth. Below is a guide on how a new mother can make time for a massage:

  • Seek assistance: A new mother should ask the people who are close to her to help in taking care of the young one as she gets the massage. Ensure that the person who has been left in charge of the child is trustworthy and will take care of the baby.
  • Choose to have the massage when the baby is asleep: When a baby has been fed and bathed, she tends to sleep for a longer time. This will be the ideal time to have the massage which should have been arranged earlier.
  • Get the massage at the proper time: Plan your schedule in such a way that you will have the massage after changing the baby, feeding him, and cleaned him as well. When you are sure that your baby will be comfortable for the time that you will be getting the massage, you will be able to concentrate more.
  • Get a mobile massage therapist: To avoid the inconvenience of traveling with the baby, you can seek the services of a mobile massage therapist who will come to your house and massage you from there.

You should ensure that the massage therapist who is offering mobile massage services has been licensed to offer the services of a massage therapist. If you are not sure of the qualifications, you can ask your contacts at the massage spa where you normally have your massage for recommendations.

  • Plan ahead: A massage session should be planned in advance so that every plan will be in place. Your baby should be safe and the massage therapist should also be free at the agreed time. You can make plans with your spouse who can either stay back with the baby or accompany you to the spa where he will keep watch over the bay during the massage.

When a new mother is getting a massage, she should be able to relax and forget everything else, including her child for the few hours or minutes that she will be on the massage table. The massage will have a positive impact on her life, her spouse, and that of her child as she is the driving force in her family. If she does not take care of her body and have some time for herself to help her in her recovery journey, it will be difficult to lose the baby fat and this may make her lose her self-esteem.

You do not have to get too busy taking care of your family and forget to take care of yourself. You will burn out and it will be difficult to fulfill the tasks that are making you miss your massage appointments.